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Gaining admissions to top-tier colleges and universities is an ultra-competitive task.

You want to give your student every advantage when it comes to applying to college. Grades and extra-curricular activities are an important part of the package. However, an outstanding college application essay can often tip the scales in your student’s favor.

The College Application Essay: 500 of the Most Important Words Your Student Will Ever Write

My Great College Essay can make the difference between a “so-so” college application essay and one that that shines. Your student will work with a professional writer and editor who will help him or her create an original college essay based on the application prompt—and one that gives it the best chance of staying out of the “no, thanks” pile.

"Thanks to her work with My Great College Essay, Kayleen was accepted into the Masters of Bio Science program at two schools. She will definitely call on you when it's time to apply to medical school."

--Brad S.

Nearly all college application essay prompts have a word or character limit and many of the first drafts I receive exceed those limits. The main culprits are extraneous words and phrases that add nothing to the story. They are “therefore”, “however”, “As I mentioned earlier”, “To sum up”, etc. These phrases not only take up valuable word allotments, they tend to dilute your narrative. Use them sparingly. ...
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All of your student's work with My Great College Essay is conducted online, or on the phone, so you don't need to spend time scheduling, driving and waiting. Sessions can be scheduled at your student’s convenience—after school, evenings and/or weekends.

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